About us

bagsmethat.com is a UK based domain sales website specialising in selected categories of domain names.

Secure payments and transfers

For peace of mind and security, we use Sedo.com escrow services for all domain transfers and payments. This ensures 100% safe and secure transactions by international experts in the domain services industry, all fees are paid by us. Security and peace of mind for customers is important to us.

Online growth

Now is a wise time to secure a domain for present or future ventures. You may be a start up, or already have an active business. Projects might be in the pipeline and you want to secure good domains that relate to your industry for future campaigns or expansion. Having multiple domains is common, for all sorts of reasons. They can be used as marketing links pointing to your existing site, or for strategy to protect a brand. Domains are fabulous marketing tools.

Stay in control of your business

Social media platforms may be essential for marketing, but if your business is platform based only, it is on someone else’s website and they ultimately control your business. Having your own website, means you stay in control.

Choosing a domain name

Choosing the right domain name is vital to the success of your online presence. A domain is the ultimate tool for marketing your business. It will most likely be your brand. Hopefully, if you are starting a new venture you will realise how important your domain will be to its success. The domain name that you choose should not just be a means to an end. It is probably the most important choice you will make apart from the business idea itself. When it comes to choosing a domain don’t make do, give your venture a solid foundation to build on. The decision you make now will affect the future.

Choosing a domain ending

By far the most popular and preferred domain ending for UK business is the classic .co.uk. This tells people you are UK based, which is important if for example you have a UK holiday business. The global .com ending is suitable for anything, it is international. If you have plans to reach a wider international audience at some stage, the .com would be a useful asset to own.

Our domains

Our domains have the end user in mind, that’s what we are about. Most of our domains are keyword rich and generic in their field. Many are brandable and creative, all of them are unique and once you own one its yours, with only a small renewal fee to pay each year. More importantly, your competition won’t own it. We consider most of our domains to be meaningful which is helpful to the customer who will eventually click on them. Sometimes a domain may have no meaning but sounds good and looks good, which is great.

Wedon’tdodomainswithdashes, as they are confusing and a poor substitute for the domain you couldn’t get.

We have displayed our domains in a way that allows the personality of the name to shine through, the essence of what they represent so to speak. The visual side is just one component, how it sounds is another. The domain will be spoken as well as written, word of mouth is important. There are many facets to a domain.

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